About Me

NEWMy journey towards becoming a counsellor began many years before my formal training, while I was studying a completely different subject, Japanese, at Dublin City University. The people I met and places I experienced on the course slowly but surely helped me down the path of becoming the person I really wanted to be, at a time when I was still figuring that out.

After graduating I was hired by the University to teach. I advocated a warm and supportive style of working with my students, in a respectful environment that fully appreciated how difficult the subject could be. After several years I realised that I could apply these same core principles to more one-on-one work in an area like counselling, of which I had my own positive experience. And so began another journey. Today, I am no longer teaching Japanese but instead I teach counselling and psychotherapy at PCI College, a leading training institute in the area, in addition to seeing my own private clients.

In honour of where it all began, I have named my practice Nozomi, a Japanese word that means ‘hope’ or ‘wish.’ In my experience, most counselling begins with a hope for something to change for the better, and a wish to get help in achieving this. I place that spirit of support at the heart of what I do.