How I Can Help

Simon Forsyth counsellor

My name is Simon Forsyth and I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and workshop/group facilitator. I am also an accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP) and a lecturer at PCI College.

The way I work is guided by the values of curiosity, creativity and compassion. My aim is to offer you an accepting, non-judgemental environment where you can really be yourself; a safe space where you are encouraged to explore, question and grow in your own time; where every experience, feeling and part of you is welcome, particularly those ones that have been out in the cold.

I am an integrative therapist with a strong humanistic foundation. This means that while I may draw on ideas and techniques from various modes of therapy as best suits the needs of the client, the backbone of my work is firmly based on the ideals of humanistic approaches and their belief that everyone has an in-built capacity to grow and find their place in the world.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and with a background in education, I am passionate about individuality and finding one’s voice. I have worked with people from an array of backgrounds and life experiences, of different ages, genders/identities, sexualities, cultures, and spiritual beliefs – each unique story deserves the same care and respect.

Below are some common areas people may seek to explore in therapy and which I have helped clients work with:

  • Developing self-esteem, self-worth and self-compassion
  • Personal development (e.g. building self-awareness, confidence, courage, assertiveness, healthy boundaries; exploring needs and values)
  • Major life decisions and periods of transition – finding meaning
  • Gender, sexuality and relationship issues
  • LGBTQIA+ identity and experience (e.g. coming out; internalised homo/trans-negativity; bi and intersex invisibility; non-binary and asexuality stigmatisation/judgement)
  • Grief and loss, including pet bereavement
  • Anxiety, stress and burnout
  • Depression and low mood (feeling down/out of sorts)
  • Family dynamics and conflicts
  • Creative blocks and stuckness – fear of putting one’s work out there
  • Traumas and ‘inner child’ wounds, such as abuse, bullying, neglect and parental alcohol misuse
  • Overwhelming feelings, such as anger, shame, hurt and self-loathing

There are certain issues and client cohorts where another professional with specific training/experience in the area will be preferable to ensure you get the most tailored support – this would include:

  • Where there is an active addiction/recovery issue
  • Where there is an active eating disorder issue, e.g. bulimia
  • Work with a specific psychosexual issue, e.g. erectile dysfunction
  • Work with children/adolescents, and couples

In such cases or otherwise where I am not the right fit, I will be happy to help signpost towards an alternative practitioner or organisation.