Therapy for Student Counsellors

Personal therapy is an essential element of the trainee counsellor’s journey, helping you process things that come up in class and track your development as you learn. It also offers the same safe space for introspection that is afforded every other client, with the added knowledge that the willingness to challenge yourself and uncover your most congruent self will only strengthen your ability to facilitate the same process in others.

As a lecturer with PCI College (and former student myself!), I have a great awareness of the demanding schedules of most counselling and psychotherapy students. As exciting as it can be, juggling work, college and family/social commitments, as well as the intense emotional growth that comes with training in this field, is not always easy. It is also not cheap! With this in mind, I offer student therapists a discounted rate of €50 per session.

I am a fully accredited member of the IACP and my therapeutic approach is integrative/humanistic.

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