Workshop! Creative Writing for Self-Expression and Wellbeing (Sat 27 November 2021)


Following a pandemic-informed hiatus, I am delighted to announce that myself and writer Claire Hennessy will be holding another collaborative workshop on ‘Creative Writing for Self-expression and Wellbeing,’ on Saturday 27 November. 

Location: Online

Time: 11:00 – 16:30 (including lunch break)

Fee: €80 (Use the promo code 5T3V8VY for a 25% discount!)

The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in creative writing as a tool to help express themselves and as an activity that can contribute to mental wellbeing (as well as being fun and rewarding in its own right). No previous experience of writing is required and while sharing of work is welcomed, it is never expected.

For further info or to book a place, please visit Big Smoke’s website by clicking the text below:

Creative Writing for Self-Expression and Wellbeing

Looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of these workshops with Claire!


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