You are queer enough

Fab blog post from Karen Pollock on the exclusionary processes that can exist even within communities that have an innate sense of being “outside” – and affirmation on how to stand up to these.

Counselling in Northumberland

The idea of there being only one way to be queer, and that there is a hierarchy, where some people are better queers than others seems to permeate the LGBTQ+ community. It reminds me of the concept of “trueness” which is sometimes discussed in the Kink community (and of course no community exists as an island). True subs, or dominants, believe they have found the one and only way to do BDSM, and can often be found online telling everyone else where they are going wrong. I believe the label comes from the idea of there being “one true way”. One of my tutors, Olivier Cormier-Otaño recently used the word Queerarchy, and I recognized that process of exclusion, othering, and group forming which it seems even those communities which have direct experience of exclusion are not immune to. 

This kind of behaviour is not limited to kink or LGBTQ+ people however…

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