Workshop! Creative Writing for Self-Expression and Wellbeing (Sat 21 September 2019)


I am delighted to announce that myself and author Claire Hennessy will be holding our fourth collaborative workshop, the slightly re-worded ‘Creative Writing for Self-expression and Wellbeing,’ on Saturday 21 September.

Aside from being less wordy, the shift in the title from ‘Mental wellness’ to plain old ‘Wellbeing’ also reflects some research findings that indicate a link between expressive writing, emotional regulation and the body’s immune system (this BBC article offers a handy summary: The puzzling way that writing heals the body).

Over the course of our first three workshops, the message from myself and Claire has been the same – expressing oneself through the written word is an easily accessible, uniquely satisfying and emotionally rewarding pursuit that demands nothing more than pen, paper and an open mind. We use a blend of writing forms to encourage participants to explore and expand their emotional vocabulary, offering a supportive environment for creative experimentation and sharing.

Participants training or working in the counselling field may find exercises potentially useful in their practice, particularly around the use of imagery as a tool to further understand the client’s unique frame of reference. The writing forms outlined may also be incorporated into the practitioner’s own self-care and reflection routines – a happy crossroads where professional imperative and personal enjoyment can meet and mingle.

Location: Big Smoke Writing Factory, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Time: 11:00 – 16:30 (including lunch break)

No previous experience of writing is required and while sharing of work is welcomed, it is not expected.

Students on PCI College’s BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy can count attendance as 4 CPD hours, which can be put towards their mandated workshop hours.

For further info or to  book a place, please visit Big Smoke’s website by clicking the text below:

Creative Writing for Self-Expression and Wellbeing


To conclude, a little haiku I just wrote about therapy:

What seemed so heavy

It might bury me alive

Is now my armour.



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