‘It is hard to verbalise an experience that has changed my life so clearly, has given me the methods to live freer, to love deeper, to bask in the happiness I deserve. However, it is so very easy for me to identify the person who has helped me consistently along the way. Simon gave me a space that I felt safe in every week. He showed me the value of being heard, even during the appointments when words escaped me. In my time working with Simon I’ve learned how much I matter, how much my voice matters and this, to me, has been invaluable.’ – Female, 20’s

‘Throughout the year and a half with Simon his patience, empathy, and kindness did not falter or run out. At all times he gave me the space to control our sessions and their direction. He trusted that together we would work through to the issues I was at the time unable to confront or understand, and he was absolutely right. Without his assistance and guidance I would never have made the progress I did in those 18 months, and the progress I have made on my own since our last session together would have been impossible to imagine. I remain immensely grateful for his skill and quiet understanding, and for the empathy for myself he helped me to grow.’ – Male, 30’s

‘I saw Simon before and during a big shift in my life both personally and professionally. Through my sessions with Simon it became apparent how much help I needed to build my self esteem, belief in myself, and to cope with loss. Simon is a calm, supportive, and sincere person. He helped me develop the tools and strategies to put myself first after a long time of not doing this. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I felt safe and supported with an LGBTQ+ counsellor.’ – Female, 30’s

‘Over my time working with Simon I really found the space to listen to myself, explore what I wanted in my life and what options were open to me. I have struggled with being very influenced by the opinions of those around me, which had limited my set of choices and the horizon I could see for myself. Having a non-judgmental place to really listen to my own feelings gave me the opportunity to figure out where I wanted to go next in both my career and personal life. Simon has been kind, non-judgmental and encouraging to me, and gave me the tools to keep listening to myself in the future. We explored together at a steady pace different areas of my life, including my career, family, sexuality, friendships and hopes for the future. Through counselling I have found the confidence to understand what it is that I want, and not feel so worried about the opinions of those in my life.’ – Male, 20’s